Notch beers are available in six pack bottles, draft or cask – see each beer below for package availability. Notch Session Beers are unfiltered, even our lagers, and a small amount of yeast will be present in the bottom of each bottle. It’s your choice – pour carefully as to not disturb the yeast, or give it a swirl for a slightly more hazy appearance.

Notch Session Ale

The American Session Ale. Pale copper color, firm malt body and a dry, hoppy finish. Notch Session Ale is well balanced, but in true American fashion the hop flavor is up front, and finishes dry, which begs for another sip. Notch Session Ale is unfiltered and hopped throughout the brewing process with three US hop varieties, resulting in a complex depth of hop flavor. The US has no Session Ale tradition - so this is our interpretation.

Beer geek specs Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 4.5%
Malt: Pale, Crystal, Munich
Hops: Centennial, Columbus, Cascade
Yeast: British Ale
Pkg: 6 Pack & Draft
Year Round

Notch Session Pils

Notch Session Pils salutes the unfiltered Pilsners of the Czech Republic: crisp, herbal, and hoppy. The Czech culture is a beer culture - drinking more beer per capita than any other nation. And their beer of choice is the low gravity, unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner, known as "workers" or "tap" beer. In the end, Czech Pilsner serves the same function as Brit Session Beer - lower ABV, great flavor, and built for multiple pints.

Beer geek specs Style: Czech Lager
ABV: 4.0%
Malt: Pils, CaraPils
Hops: Mt Hood, Saaz
Yeast: Lager
Pkg: 6 Pack & Draft
Year Round

Notch Saison

Brewed to the original Saison strength, this is the classic farmhouse beer. Originally brewed by farmers to slake the thirst of seasonal workers (les saisonniers), this refreshing beer had a lower alcohol content that is not often seen in today's modern Saison. Notch returns the Saison to its roots, not only in alcohol content, but by using local ingredients much like the Belgian farmers. The wheat used in Notch Saison is malted by Valley Malt in Hadley Massachusetts.

Beer geek specs Style: Belgian Saison
ABV: 3.8%
Malt: Pils, Oats, Red Winter Wheat
Hops: Mt Hood, Styrian Goldings
Yeast: Belgian Saison
Pkg: 22oz Bottle & Draft
Year Round

Notch Cerne Pivo

Inspired by the black session lagers of the Czech Republic, Notch Cerne Pivo is malty, toasty, and infinitely drinkable. Notch Cerne (pronounced CHAIR-nay) breaks the myth the dark beer is heavy, or that lower alcohol beer is light in color. Cerne Pivo is Czech for "Black Beer", and is a beer style indigenous to the Czech Republic. This style of beer is rarely found in the US, so enjoy a bit of the Czech session beer culture this winter.

Beer geek specs Style: Czech Black Lager
ABV: 4.0%
Malt: Munich, Crystal, Carafa
Hops: Northern Brewer, Mt Hood
Yeast: Lager
Pkg: 22oz Bottle & Draft
Limited Release: Winter & Spring

Notch BSA Harvest

Under the Brewers Supporting Agriculture (BSA) program, brewers buy shares of their barely crops at the beginning of the season from Western Mass farmers. Notch was proud to be one of the first brewers to participate in this program, and the BSA Harvest Ale is the result of this year's barley crop. This year's BSA Harvest is an American Farmhouse Ale that displays the character of a Belgian Saison, yet with US hops and New England grains.

Beer geek specs Style: American Farmhouse
ABV: 4.4%
Malt: Valley Malt Pale, Wheat, Rye
Hops: Sterling, Mt Hood, Centennial
Yeast: Belgian Saison
Pkg: 22oz Bottle & Draft
Limited Release: Fall & Winter

Cask Series - #2: Notch Bitter

Second up in the cask only series is Notch Bitter. While traditional in British brewing methods, it is nontraditional in ingredients, using German malt and hops. Look for the classic British Bitter characteristics (dry, balanced, tastes like more), but with a German influence. In an era of bigger is better, Notch Bitter shows that subtlety still has merit. It's pretty damn tasty too.

Beer geek specs Style: Bitter
ABV: 3.9%
Malt: Munich, CaraMunich
Hops: Saphir
Yeast: Yorkshire Ale
Pkg: Cask

Cask Series - #1: Notch Mild

Notch's Cask only series celebrates the roots of session beer, and first up in the series is Notch Dark Mild. While the British Mild has evolved over the centuries, it was the session beer of choice for the 20th century British coal miner. Notch’s Dark Mild pays homage to this worker’s beer – a very dark ruby brown appearance, malty and fruity aroma, a caramel maltiness with very low hop bitterness, and only 3.7% ABV.

Beer geek specs Style: Dark Mild
ABV: 3.7%
Malt: Pale, Crystal, Amber, Chocolate
Hops: Goldings, Willamette
Yeast: Yorkshire Ale
Pkg: Cask